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A Funeral Insurance plan can be one of the best options when planning financially for a funeral. The plan is designed to help your loved ones cover the cost of all the funeral expenses and help to ease any financial burden. Therefore, the Funeral Insurance plan is simple, quick and easy to get.

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed acceptance regardless of medical history and medical conditions.
  • Your premiums stop as soon as the total paid equals the amount of your funeral benefit and then the cover continues free of charge.
  • Covered for Accidental Death from commencement of policy.
  • If you pass away by natural causes within first two-year period, all premiums are refunded in full. After two years you are covered for death by any cause, with no exclusions and no exceptions.
  • The lump sum is usually paid within 48 hours of the claim forms and other documentation being received.
  • You have the choice to nominate a beneficiary/s.

The only events not covered are death by illness or disease during the first two years is suicide or attempted suicide in the first two years. In both cases however the policy will still pay out the full refund of premiums paid. After two years you are covered for death by any cause, no exceptions.

The insurance policy will only expire: 1. Upon death 2. You have cancelled the policy 3. The premiums are no longer being received

Your estate or your nominated beneficiary will receive a full refund on all your premiums you have paid. If it was an Accidental Death, then your estate or nominated beneficiary will receive the full insured benefit.

Life Insurance requires a full medical application to be completed and may require tests and reports from the medical profession. Life insurance has higher sum insureds and can be least expensive. Funeral Insurance is guaranteed and has automatic acceptance, so the application is very simple and easy to complete. Funeral Insurance amounts are limited to cover for funerals only.

To give you an idea of how much you need to save for, first work out an estimated average cost of a funeral.

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