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Bell, Lamb & Trotter's Graveside Service$6,770

Price includes GST.

Package Includes:

  • Professional services feeAttending the family and receiving of instructions; Provision of professionally trained and qualified staff on a 24 hour basis; Advising on matters pertaining to funerals, funeral procedures and funeral costs; Facilitating viewings, if required; Attendance of the Funeral Director and assistant, if required, to conduct the funeral; Provision of maintenance of buildings, gardens and car parking; Maintaining professional and city council licenses; other operating expenses; Securing of the Medical Documentation; Temporary care of the personal effects; Attending to the insertion of the Newspaper Notices; Consulting, arranging and liaising with the Celebrant and the cemetery authority; Attending to the payment of expenses incurred; Registering of the Death at Wellington and all matters and attendances incidental thereto.
  • Transfer from place of deathTransfer from the place of death into our care. This can occur whenever required - anytime day or night.
  • Basic hygienic preservationAn embalming method suitable for a short time frame.
  • Walnut CasketA casket featuring a walnut veneer. Fully trimmed with satin lining.
  • Casket flowersA natural bunch of flowers, to be placed on top of the casket.
  • Celebrant's feeProvision of an experienced celebrant to take the service. We will assist in the selection of a celebrant most suited for the occasion.
  • Newspaper noticeA newspaper notice written and placed in the Christchurch Press. This cost may vary, depending on the length of newspaper notice, the number of papers in which it is placed and the number of insertions.
  • Hearse hireUse of a hearse for the day of the funeral - for transportation to the cemetery, on the day of the service.
  • Certified copy of the death certificateProvision of a certified copy of the death certificate.


Bell, Lamb and Trotter is the oldest established funeral home in Christchurch and has remained family-owned and operated since 1872. We exist to serve the families who request our assistance, offering sympathetic, understanding and caring guidance, which is cost competitive. Our purpose is to help each family design a funeral for their loved one which is unique and personal – a service which is true to the person who has died and which reflects their life, personality, beliefs and culture.

We strive to ensure that the people we care for with the same dignity and honour that we would want to offer our own family members.

It is our sincere wish that our families will look back at the funeral of their loved one with a sense of peace and satisfaction, knowing that they were able to experience a special farewell.

We are members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand.


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