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Bronze Private Cremation Package$2,150

Price includes GST.

Package Includes:

  • Transfer of the Deceased to the Funeral HomeThis package includes the Professional Service Fee, Arrangement of the legal Documentation and release forms from the appropriate Authorities. Transfer of the Deceased to the funeral home within a 35 km radius. Transfer using a Funeral transfer wagon and transfer cot in a dignified and respectful manner
  • Arrangement of Cremation DocumentationTo Cremate the remains of a loved one requires additional paperwork from family members making application, medical practitioners who were present at the Deceased's passing and a Medical Referee (a third party) to ensure all the necessary paperwork is present. We will also make all the necessary bookings with the Crematorium.
  • MDF Plain Standard size Liner CasketThis is the bare requirement for a Cremation container. Due to the plainness of the casket and this particular package no viewing is allowed with this package as their is also no lining inside of this casket.
  • Transfer of the Deceased to the CrematoriumThis package includes the Transfer of the Deceased to the Cremator and the return of the Ashes to the Funeral home .
  • Storage of the Ashes of the DeceasedThe Family will be contacted upon return of the Ashes of the Deceased to the Funeral home. Alternatively the Ashes will be held until such time as the family are ready to uplift the Ashes.
  • Death certificateThis is the gathering of legally required information for the Department of Internal Affairs, application and payment.
  • Free Website Obituary noticeFree Funeral notice on Simplicity Website and Facebook pages.


We are a family owned and operated funeral home and have had many opportunities to help bereaved families create memorable celebrations and memorials to their loved ones. Allow us to assist you in creating a memorable, lasting experience to celebrate the life of your loved one. Our commitment from our family to your family is to do our very best to achieve the vision in your mind and make it a reality.



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