Pre-Paid Funeral

There are families or individuals who are able to make a single lump sum investment which can be used to pre-pay their funeral and allow them opportunities to secure a specific price and service for their pre-arranged funeral. Not only have they achieved peace-of-mind but their money is safely tucked away in their investment account.

Complete the online form and get a free 5-10 minute telephone consultation with our Authorised Financial Adviser who will be able to determine the best investment option for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing you are working towards funeral fund goal
  • Confidence money invested with a reputable investment management company
  • Transferable to any person
  • Money held by a custodian, not a Co-op Account
  • Access to an Authorised Financial Adviser
  • You are able to take your money out at anytime

You can keep your investment in our accounts as long as you wish, they have a $1,000 minimum and are accessible throughout this period.

Only the named individuals on the account will have access.

To withdraw funds from your investment account, it is as easy as contacting your financial adviser and requesting this. It will normally take 2-5 days for a withdrawal and up to 10 days to fully close your account. Your account will be linked with a bank account and any withdrawals loaded will be paid to that account.

Your account would be paid out to those named in your will. Or if jointly owned, then the surviving owner.

An authorised financial adviser is waiting to assist you with your enquiry. Please complete the online form and he will call you to discuss the suitable options for your situation. This is a 5-10 minute telephone conversation with no obligation.

To give you an idea of how much you need to save for, first work out an estimated average cost of a funeral.

Use our Funeral Calculator to help you work it out.

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